Our Philosophy

Ocean Opus Music Academy is a new music school for the new millennia.

We believe that music lessons should be accessible to all. Education is not a privilege and should be assessable to everyone, regardless of their economic background. We are proud to offer tuition discounts to anyone who can demonstrate financial need. There is no cap to the age of which a person qualifies, and there is no limit to the number of students who can be eligible per year.

We believe that music lessons should be progressive, utilizing many different teaching methods and up-to-date learning resources. We employ the use of computer programs, utilizing video and audio files to assist students in retaining information learned in lessons and to encourage daily multimedia practices.   

We believe that music is a way of life.  There are no limits to the benefits of impromptu music in every social situation, from public concerts to evenings in with your family. To facilitate the practice of playing freely, we believe that it is necessary to break free from only performing in one or two formal recitals.  Opus performance opportunities include recitals, open mics, masterclasses, audio recording, and making music videos.