Online Lesson Instructions

Social Distancing?

Can't Make Your Lesson in Person?

No problem!

Please be sure to follow the following steps in order to ensure a successful online lesson:

1. Please download the Zoom app well before your first lesson.  Your teacher will send you your Zoom meeting ID and password once your lesson time is agreed upon. 


2. Music resources, lesson notes, and practice instructions will be shared through Evernote.  Please be sure to download the app before your first online lesson starts.  

3.  Be ready for the lesson.

  • Tune your instrument.

  • Have all of your lesson materials in front of you.

  • Check your email to see if there are any special instructions from your teacher. 

4.  Find that perfect camera angle before you start.  Your teacher should be able to see your hands and face in the same shot.  - This may require some creative propping up of your camera. 

5.  Your teacher will meet you in your Zoom meeting room at the start of your lesson.