Music Theory 201

with Nima Kolmohammadi

12 week course 

$250 (materials included)

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Music is a complex language consisting of rhythm, pitch, scales, intervals, chords and harmony.  A clear understanding of all of these elements allows a musician to play to their full potential and clearly communicate with other musicians.  Other benefits include enhanced skills in improvisation, songwriting, sight-reading and memorization.  

Music Theory 201 is a continuation of Music Theory 101.  This twelve-week course is designed to teach you, step by step, all of the fundamental concepts of music.  You will learn to read, write and hear music with greater clarity.   

Music Theory 201 can also prepare a student for the Royal Conservatory of Music -

Levels 6 & 7 Theory exams.


Prerequisites:  Completion Music Theory 101 or equivalent knowledge and experience is required.


Lesson 1 - Compound Metre
Lesson 2 - Accidentals

Lesson 3 - Major Scales & Key Signatures
Lesson 4 - Minor Scales & Key Signatures
Lesson 5 - Chromatic Scales & Other Scales
Lesson 6 - Intervals
Lesson 7 - Triads & Cadences

Lesson 8 - Key Recognition
Lesson 9 - Melody Writing
Lesson 10 - Transposition
Lesson 11 - Dominant & Diminished Chords
Lesson 12 - Analysis

* Course start dates are set once a minimum of three students have

added their names to the waitlist.

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